Friday, July 17, 2009

So much to post!

Man it has been a long time since I blogged! Sorry about that. I have a lot to blog about, so I am not sure why I haven't posted anything, perhaps it is my new addiction to the game bejeweled on Facebook. :) Seriously, I have to MAKE myself not play. I want to constantly beat my high score!

Ok, but on to more serious stuff. :) Let's see so much has happened. On July 4th we got the opportunity to hang out with most of our Oklahoma family. We also go to meet Samantha, my step brother's girlfriend from New York! We had a great time hanging out with the fam and swimming then had a cook out that night! It was great fun! Then that night our two older nieces spent the night with us. I took them to the fireworks at UCO while Justin stayed at home with sleeping Ian.

Hmm, so maybe I don't have a lot post! I will try to keep up with my posting from now on.


Erin said...

So where are the pics from the regatta gala? ;c)

New momma said...

Well it was in the evening, so it was hard to get any good pictures :)