Monday, March 31, 2008

Maternity clothes

So I bought my first maternity shirt this weekend! Not so much because of the pregnancy showing or anything but because before I was pregnant I had lost a lot of weight and really didn't have very many clothes to wear then, so I can't just go out and get regular shirts since I will need the maternity shirts soon, so we just bought a marternity shirt. It was kind of fun trying it on, I put on the belly that they have at the Motherhood Maternity store. Plus since it was my first time shopping there they gave me a goody bag with a bottle and diaper rash lotion samples and lots of booklets of info! It was lots of fun.


Liesl said...

How fun is that?!! I bet you looked super cute with that fun little fake belly.

Anonymous said...

That sounds so fun! I can't tell you how many times I've seen the cutest shirt like in walmart or target and then when I look at the tag i realize it's a maternity shirt. But now you don't even have to worry whether it is or isn't a maternity shirt. You can get them no matter what:) haha

~Christyn B

carina said...


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