Wednesday, June 18, 2014

"the talk"...

Last night I thought we were going to have to have "The Talk" with my 3 year old boy! I kid you not! We were getting ready to go swimming and he asked why boys can swim with out their shirts (tops) and girls can't. I explained about how we all have private parts and that girls tops were private parts. I then proceeded to tell him that only the person we are married to and doctors can see those parts. 

Oy, the brain of my 3 year old works fast...

He then pointed out that "you and daddy are married, so why don't you show them to him?"

AGHHHHHHH!!!!!! What to say next, what to say next...

My answer was this "yes, that is true, but you are only supposed to show them when no one else is around." 

Deep breath...Hoping he won't ask more...YOU ARE ONLY 3!!!

Thankfully he is only 3 and he moved on to other issues! 

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