Monday, June 30, 2014

Talking to ourselves...

So yesterday a friend of mine posted a video that really spoke to me (see video at bottom of post). In it she talked about how we talk bad about ourselves to ourselves. Do you do that? I know I do. 

One of the biggest things I talk to myself, and to others, about is my home making skills. I constantly tell people that I am a horrible home maker. You know what? I have started to believe it. I have put myself in a box and it has been really hard to get out.Another thing I tend to tell myself is that I am not a good mom and wife because of my horrible home making skills. This is a lie. This is what Satan wants me to believe. He has been able to push me down the mountain of lies and I the lies tend to pile up on me, like a snow ball. I begin to believe them and once I reach the bottom of the hill I feel so weighed down that I can's seem to get up. 

NO MORE SATAN!!! I am claiming God's truth! I am believing that I can get out of this snow ball of lies and live the life that God has given me. 

"I can do ALL things through Christ who gives me strength." (Phillipians 4:13).

I am no longer going to label myself as a horrible home maker, a bad mom or a bad wife, because I can be a great home maker through Christ who gives me strength! I can be a good mom through Christ who gives me strength! I can be a good wife through Christ who gives me strength!

So take that Satan! I am going to define myself as a daughter of the King of kings! I am no longer believing your lies!

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