Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Kids being kids...

Ian informed me this morning that he was making poop out of play-doh. Oh my, how do I react to such a comment? Well I laughed. You know, poop is a big topic at our house because we cheer Ian on when he goes in the potty and even Owen when he goes in his diaper! 

I have always heard that boys have trouble going number 2 in the potty, so ever since Ian was born we have encouraged him when he goes, in hopes that he wouldn't be afraid or embarrassed when it was time to start potty training.  

I'm not sure if that is why he is good at going to the potty now or what, but I am finally ready to say that Ian's potty training is going great! We still have mornings where he wakes up wet, but for the most part he stays dry and dirty free!!! 

So there you go, an update on how to potty train ;) Not really, I just thought it was so funny that Ian made poop out of play-doh!!  Have a great day every one!!!!

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