Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Laundry room...

I have a dream of someday having a huge laundry room! One with space to fold clothes, hang clothes and maybe even a sink to wash off the throw up and poop covered clothes! But until that day comes, I will make due with what I have and be thankful for it too.

Here is my current laundry room. It is small. It also doubles as the entrance to our house via the garage.

Here is my problem. I hate laundry. I don't so much mind the putting them in the wash and the dryer part, it is the taking them out and hanging, folding and putting them away part that I just don't like. However, it is something that must be done when you have a family of four. (I say this because when I was single and only had me to care about I would just leave the clothes in the dryer, fluff them up when I needed something and when it was empty that pretty much meant I needed to start another load)

The answer to my problem was to eliminate the steps between taking them out and putting them away. That means take away the laundry basket and the laying them out on the back of the love seat. ;) The solution? A shower rod! I used it today for the first time and WOW was it so much faster and easier to complete the laundry! I am so pumped that it held all the clothes! I just hope I can keep this excitement going as I continue to do laundry, because as we know, it never ends!


Cathy said...

We have a tiny laundry closet and I second the folding and putting away. The worst is when you go to take a load out from the washing machine and find the dryer full of clothes from last week.

Rai and Shannon said...

I totally understand! with a family of 5, laundry is neverending!!! And I have lived in several houses where the laundry room was a small walk through from the garage into the house. I always said it must have definitely been a man who designs a house this a laundry room that is a walkway...a man who has never done laundry!! : )