Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Georgetown Cupcakes...

Before heading to D.C. I asked around on facebook for tips of things to do while there. One of my friends suggested Georgetown Cupcakes. I wouldn't have even thought of going there, so I am SO glad that she suggested it. In case you aren't aware, Georgetown Cupcakes is on a TLC show called D.C. Cupcakes.

So on Sunday morning I took a nice little walk down to Georgetown! It was a perfect day for a long walk too.

Something you should know about the cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes is that you will never look at another cupcake the same way. It was the best icing I had ever had! SO yummy, I want one now! After having these cupcakes I went into another cupcake shop and they just didn't look good at all.

Unfortunately on the way home from the shop the cupcakes got knocked around, so the pictures I took don't make them look very good, but trust me, they are amazing!

This was the line I waited in, 40 minutes! FYI if you ever go, order online so you can just walk right in and pick it up. Unless you want the full popular TV show experience. :)


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