Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Best Valentines day yet!

Yes, you read that right! I am pretty sure that yesterday is going down as one of the best days ever.

It started with a good nights sleep. Followed by a fun play day at our church, lunch with friends, the boys having naps and me cleaning up the kitchen and getting to play Mario on Wii. This year we didn't do anything too special for dinner. But I did make spaghetti. The only part of the day that was stressful was at dinner time. Ian just was not happy and it stressed me out. Justin suggested I go and take a drive. At first I didn't think it was nesacarry, but then decided I would take him up on the offer.

Back to being a good day...I decided to drive to Gigi's cupcakes and get Justin and I a little Vday treat. When I got home I had calmed down and felt much better. Justin got Ian ready for bed and then Owen followed shortly after. During prayer time Ian asked us to pray for Fox News! So funny. I couldn't hold my laughter in, so Justin quickly brought the prayer to an end. :) Once the boys were in bed we decided to do our gifts.

Now I should take a minute to tell you that while my love language is gifts, I think I am especially hard to buy for seeing how I am not a big jewelry person, I am not really foofoo when it comes to most things, so thinking of something to get me I am sure is hard.

In a previous discussion I had told Justin that he could get me cake deocrating classes from Hobby Lobby. Now he very well could have just left it at that and told me to go sign up and have fun. But he didn't! He got me an amazing card that if I do say so was pretty perfect. Inside the card was a homemade coupon good for a cake decorating classes at Hobby Lobby! How amazing is he. He really out did himself with the thought he put into the coupon and card.

I sure do love my husband and I love my kids. But I am also reminded of an even greater love story. Can you imagine loving someone so much that you would give your one and only son to save them? I know that I would NEVER give up one of my boys. It would be way to hard, even if it were to save millions upon millions of people. Well God did just this. His son Jesus died on a cross because he loves us. He died so we wouldn't have to. If you want to know more about this love story please ask me or find a Bible and start reading in Matthew, Mark, Luke or John. Then just go from there!

I hope that you all had a wonderful day yesterday and continue to have a wonderful week. May God bless you in all your relationships!

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