Saturday, November 27, 2010

You don't own me...

I love my husband and the way he encourages me with my weight watchers. Just last night I was ready to quit and just go back to my old ways. Well he encouraged me to keep going and to make sure to weigh in today (I usually weigh in on Thursdays, but because of Thanksgiving they were closed this week). So I woke up at 8, jumped in the shower and headed over to my weigh in and meeting.

I honestly though I would gain seeing how I went over my points limit a couple of times this week. But I am so glad that I went because (drum roll please) I lost! 1.6 pounds to be exact. This brings my total weight loss to 13.6 pounds!

I thought it only fitting that I heard this song on my way home. The part that says "I was yours but I'm not yours anymore. You don't own me" Just really hit home because that is what I wanted to say to my weight!

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