Tuesday, October 28, 2008

purple stuff and play days

Have any of you heard of an infection called Thrush? Well, our little Ian has it in his mouth. The poor little guys mouth is covered with white stuff. At first I thought it was formula that was stuck to his mouth, but then yesterday my friend Misti said it could be this Thrush thing. So I called the doctor and she said to get this stuff called gentian violet, which by the way turns his mouth and lips purple. I put some on his tongue yesterday, but was nervous and didn't use much, so I put more on today and his entire mouth and lips are purple. Poor guy. This stuff stains everything so we will have to be very careful with it.

Yesterday was so fun (well the beginning of the day that is). Our church is starting a music program in January called Kindermusic (I think that is what it is called). They had a demonstration of what it will be like, it was so fun! I hope it isn't to expensive so I can take Ian. Then after the class they had a play day for kids birth to 5 years old. It was so fun to sit around with other moms who had young kids. I hope they do more things like that! Also I ran into a friend who was the accountant for AccuHealth when I worked there. Here son is 9 months old and her daughter is 4. They are so cute! We will forgive her this time for dressing him in Texas clothes.

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