Sunday, July 20, 2008

Who am I?

So during this whole bed rest time I have been constantly praying for God to take me off of bed rest. Every two weeks I am asking my doctor if I can have some more "privileges" that allow me to go outside the home. I have felt constantly that this load I am bearing is more than I can handle. There have been lots of tears and sadness over the past month and a half. I kind of picture those women you would see in National Geographic who are carrying a basket of stuff on each shoulder, one on their head and a baby on the back and front! Only I am the one who is falling over, rather than standing strong. Well this morning in FLOCK (AKA Sunday School) there was a quote read that said this: "Instead of asking God for a lighter load ask Him for a stronger back". This concept never even occurred to me. I mean sure, I have prayed that God would give me strength to make it through this time, but did I really mean it, Heck no! I meant the prayer that said get me off of bed rest ASAP! So each day this week as I wake up in the morning (or really more recently the afternoons) I am going to pray that God will give me a stronger back. I want to be the National Geographic women this week (I bet that is something you thought you would never hear a person say). It may be a day to day prayer, but who am I to think that God would give me more than I can handle?

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Jennifer said...

Sis- one thing I've learned from becoming a mommy is that I am so very weak and I can only make it each day with His strength. I came across an old Steven Curtis Chapman song the other day that encouraged me: "His strength is perfect when our strength is gone. He'll carry us when we can't carry on." I love you and know you will make it through this.