Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Being an example to our kids...

I am a spender. There I said it. I love to spend money. Not just on myself, in fact I probably enjoy spending it on others more. However, after Christmas I decided I would use the money I got as a gift and put it towards making our guest room look nice. 

I have had so much fun doing this. I love finding bargains and cute things and even better cute things that are bargains!

I have since been looking for some cute night stands/end tables/side tables. What ever you want to call them. The thing is is that most stores and people who are re-selling them are really proud of them ;) Meaning, they are expensive. I just can't seem to bring myself to pay so much for tables in a room that I won't be in. So I decided to just wait till the right pair came along. 

Well a few weeks ago, what I thought was the right pair, came along!  I was so excited because they were cute and really priced pretty good compared to other ones on craigslist. The only problem was that I only had about 1/2 the amount of money for them. So at the dinner table, in front of the kids, I asked Justin if he would mind giving me some credit and that I would "pay it back" with my birthday money (my birthday is in February). He thought about it and said yes. 

After I started thinking about it though, I decided that I shouldn't get the tables. Why? Well because what am I teaching my kids? If I took the "credit" then that is teaching them it is okay to go into debt. Now I know that this isn't quite the same as a credit card or anything, but it is still debt non the less. So I told Justin that I would just wait till I had the money. I also told the boys, who probably didn't care, that I was wrong to ask daddy to let me get the tables even if I didn't have the money. 

Sometimes, being a good example to our kids is tough. It might mean costing us cute side tables or even worse! I'm glad I chose to not get the tables. I am trusting that God will provide the right tables for me when I have the money or when we put it in our budget to get them with our general fund. 

What is something you have had to change or apologize for in order to be a good example to your kids?

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