Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's time...

I realized that at some point I have to stop saying "we just moved here". We have been in our "new" town for almost a year now. 10 1/2 months to be exact. At church on Sunday we met a couple who had their grand-kids visiting from Edmond! I'm pretty sure I said "cool we just moved here from there!".

I do love it here in our "new" town. I love our new house and our new neighbors. However, I can't help but still miss the way things were. I feel left out when I hear the news of a friend being pregnant, even though I am finding out with everyone else, for some reason being far away makes me feel left out. 

I feel far away and I can tell that my friendships are slipping away. Not in a we aren't friends kind of way, but in a we live far away so we don't see each other kind of way. It is a natural part of moving, I know. It is also one of the harder parts of moving. 

I am thankful for things like email, texting and Facebook, as it helps us stay connected more than if we didn't have those things. However, I sometimes wonder if not having those things would make it easier to part. You know because you wouldn't know about the things that are going on so you wouldn't miss it as much. Maybe not. 

Okay, I better get out of this slump. I have plenty to be thankful for and I need to think on those things.

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