Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Stormy night...

Last night we had a pretty huge storm! The electricity went out, which means every time I thought about posting something on facebook I couldn't, because our WiFi was off. So here are the things I wanted to post last night! :) 

1. Either a strobe light is going on outside or there is lightning. And considering there is thunder and rain along with it I'm going with lightning :) 

2. I'm jealous of Justin. He can sleep through anything!

3. Wishing I would have taken a Tylenol PM. This storm is crazy!

4. Oh no, electricity is off, I hope it comes back on before I get so hot I can't sleep. Oh wait, I can't sleep anyways. 

I guess that is all that I would have said. :) It was a pretty crazy storm though. Glad we are okay and that the city of (insert town we live in) came and picked up our trash can from the field next to us!

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