Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pinterest inspired craft...

A while back I started buying things to do a picture frame craft. Of course, in true Jessica manner, I didn't do it. So this weekend I finally did it! I am so excited. I personally think it is pretty cute and I can't wait to get them on the wall with pictures in them! 

Here is a picture of just a few of them...
I am going to take our family picture each month and put it in the frame with the month it was taken in. That way we can see how our family changes through out the year! 

I think overall this craft cost about $15. The frames I got at Wal-Mart for $1 and the month stickers were $6.99 at Hobby Lobby, but I waited till scrapbook stuff was on sale for 50% off. I am even considering making a giant wall clock out of this! I saw this idea on another blog. Not sure if I will go that far, but I do at least want to hang them up and see our family as it changes!

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