Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Teacher gifts...

I have really enjoyed being the mother of a student this year! It has been fun getting to know Ian's teachers and just seeing how much Ian has learned and grown since starting school has been great.

With it being Christmas time I wanted to get the teachers a gift that they would actually like and be able to use. Not something that would be re-gifted as a dirty Santa gift. So we got his two main teachers gift certificates to a salon and spa place and the sub teacher some lotion and chocolates.

I did, however want to have Ian be a part of the gift. So instead of him making something or picking something out I did an interview with him about his teachers! It was so fun doing the interview. His answers were great. Then I had him put his hand print on them. You know the teachers may not keep it but I know they got a kick out of his answers too and really making them smile was the whole point!

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